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Article 1 (i), Constitution of Kenya, 2010

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This week’s SMS question:

Does the country need to go for a referendum? If so, on what issues?

“Yes, to remove the seats of senators & women reps, to add EACC power to perform its duties constitutionally. Fred Ochieng from Alego/Usonga.”

2 months ago

“Embakasi Central. Yes. 1. Devolved funds more money to the MCAs instead of the Governor 2. 8 County government only as per former Province. 3. CDF should receive more funding and CDF committees made stronger. 4. Remove woman reps and Senators plus nominated MCAs. 5. Nominate whichever Gender is not elected for Mps. 6. Return Health and Water to National Government.”

2 months ago

“Nyambu Toki, wundanyi constituency ,time is ripe for Kenya to go for referendum,particularlarly on issues of "heavy uncalled for representation " secondly on matters after elections,the huge number of those who don't form the government create a lot of problems to those in power,n subbortage,they should not be left in the cold (national inclusivity) ”

2 months ago


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