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  • 6 Dec 2017 in National Assembly: With those remarks, I want to pray that my colleague and friend rests in eternal peace. view
  • 8 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, thank you for this opportunity. Yesterday afternoon, I rose on a point of order related to this matter namely, the matter of our colleagues who lost in the elections. On the basis of that, from the outset, I support the appointment of Parliamentary Pensions Management Committee. view
  • 8 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: After this, I will move from this seat to another. On the basis of what I said yesterday, I support this Motion from the outset, on the appointment of Members to the Parliamentary Pensions Management Committee. Listening to the Leader of the Majority Party moving the Motion, I realised that the membership of the Committee includes civil servants and members of the Executive. We have five Members who will be representing the interests of Members of Parliament namely, the three who are listed here and the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Clerk of the National Assembly, who will ... view
  • 8 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: A lot has been said by speakers who have had the Floor before me relating to Members of Parliament who have left this House. We have been told that 106 Members of Parliament have sent their applications to be paid their pension. They have not been paid basically because this Committee is not in place. As a House, it is important we get it into place. My humble request is that when the Committee is approved by the House, they should sit immediately and clear the former Members of Parliament so that they can get their benefits. As they do ... view
  • 8 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: Committee is to make sure that the interests of former Members of Parliament and the current ones is taken care of. This is not being selfish. Labour laws are clear that if you work and you are entitled to a gratuity, which is normally 31 per cent, when you conclude your contract, in organisations that practice best international practices, your final pay cheque is supposed to come together with your gratuity cheque, so that you do not waste time waiting for it. It will then help you as a former Member of Parliament to reorganise your life. These people want ... view
  • 7 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Hon. Speaker. view
  • 7 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. My point of order relates to Standing Order No.212B. If you allow me, I will read it: (1) “There shall be a select committee to be designated the Committee on Members’ Services and Facilities. (2) The Committee shall be responsible for- a) receiving and considering views of Members on the services and facilities provided for their benefit and well-being.” view
  • 7 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: We all know that we have not formed parliamentary committees and because of that issues of Members’ welfare are suffering. I would like to give an example. I was in the 11th Parliament and also a Member of the Budget and Appropriations Committee. We factored into the Budget money to be paid to Members of Parliament who would lose their seats as a result of the General Election. We are aware that 70 per cent of the Members of the 11th Parliament lost their seats and that is why we have 70 per cent of new Members in the House. ... view
  • 7 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, I plead for your direction or indulgence in terms of how we should address these urgent matters to do with Members’ welfare. We could request you to convene a kamukunji so that we give some of the details or take up other measures as you may possibly advise. That way, Members of this House and more so our colleagues who are out there would not suffer. They also want to start a new chapter in their lives having lost in the general election. view
  • 7 Nov 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I wish to get your direction. view