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  • 15 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: Clause 16 of this Bill talks about public debt. It indicates that debt is going to increase from about Kshs450 billion to Kshs687 billion. If you look at notes 11 and 19, you see the impact. Note 19 says because of all these requirements to pay - because some of these are first charged to the Consolidated Fund - the only amount the Government is left with to plan for our roads, defence and energy is only Kshs143 billion out of a total collection of Kshs1.8 trillion. You can see the impact of some of these things we keep on ... view
  • 15 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: There is the issue of National Treasury explaining why they have not met some of the requirements of the Commission on Revenue Allocation. There is also the issue of the cancer regional centres. There was a recommendation in the last Budget that we build two cancer regional centres. This House approved Kshs4 billion for that purpose. This year, CRA is proposing that we provide additional Kshs5 billion for the same purpose. The National Treasury is saying that it cannot approve this because the policy on that matter has not been finalised. I ask myself how we were able to allocate ... view
  • 15 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: people in the ministries to make sure that before they allocate resources for any of these programmes, thorough appraisal is done to make sure that Kenyans get value for money. As I conclude, generally, I like what my Chairman said on this issue. Since the 11th Parliament, every time we discuss the Division of Revenue Bill, it always ends up at the Mediation Committee. There is always a mediation committee to finalise the discussion. I plead with both Houses to make sure that this time we approve this Bill without going to the mediation process, so that we do not ... view
  • 14 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I agree with the Leader of the Majority Party in terms of the time it has taken for the two Bills to be finalised. view
  • 14 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: I want to comment on the issue of public participation. We all agree that public participation is a very important component of the whole process. I have heard Hon. Gikaria say that they will be visiting Kitui County which happens to be my county. I am wondering to what extent they have mobilised the local leaders. I chair the parliamentary forum for that county, but I am not aware of the visit. I wonder whether they have done leadership mobilisation. Otherwise, public participation will not be effective. view
  • 14 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you. view
  • 14 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you very much, Hon. Speaker, for giving me this chance to contribute. I belong to Wiper Democratic Movement which is a younger brother to ODM. In the African culture, the big brother does not leave the young one. He takes care of him. We get very surprised when we hear Hon. Mbadi, who is our big brother, trying to say that the younger brother does not matter. The younger brother should not be blackmailed. I support dialogue. My party supports dialogue. For your information, this discussion about dialogue is actually a brainchild of the Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya ... view
  • 14 Mar 2018 in National Assembly: per cent. Let it not be seen that we are against dialogue. We initiated it and we support it, but it must be structured and inclusive. We want to emphasise those words. This has happened before. People have lost lives. We go to the table and agree, but we forget. In 2008, people lost lives. This time, people have lost lives. The question is: When will we truly sit and agree? Will we make sure that those people come back to life? They will not. We support dialogue, but it must be structured and inclusive. view
  • 28 Feb 2018 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, I want to contribute to this Motion. view
  • 28 Feb 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you very much for giving me the chance. The Judicial Service Commission is one of the constitutional commissions and it is very important because it serves the third arm of Government, just as the Commission you chair, the Parliamentary Service Commission, serves another arm of Government. This is a very important commission. As a House, we are going to do justice to this country by ensuring that this commission is operational and has the required membership as per the Constitution. Looking at the names which have been proposed to this commission, these are names of individuals who are respected ... view