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  • 16 Aug 2023 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Speaker, for giving me the opportunity to support this Motion by my colleague, friend and the Deputy Whip of the Minority Party, Hon. Mwenje. Thank you for bringing up this issue. We have always had issues with land in this country. The 13th Parliament should go down in history as one that addressed the issues of land in absoluteness. We have a very big challenge. Our people have been demeaned by being called squatters in the 21st century. These are human beings entitled to dignified life. Basically, this is a very emotive issue. I take issue ... view
  • 16 Aug 2023 in National Assembly: I thank you, Hon. Temporary Speaker. I support this Motion by my friend, Hon. Mwenje. I will offer support hadi dakika ya mwisho. view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Speaker, for giving me this opportunity to contribute and support this Motion. First and foremost, I want to commend the Mover of this Motion for showing the Government that we can be more creative on matters of raising revenue. That, rather than overburdening Kenyans with taxes or borrowing, there are other ways they can exploit and get revenue to run the affairs of the Government. I think it is a move in the right direction. While we are talking about equity in the online marketing space, The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for ... view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: this is a Motion that we should embrace to protect our very infant creative industry. Making sure that we have a level playing field and introducing VAT on content and businesses conducted by non-residents of Kenya will protect our businesses and content creators. If we get more proactive Motions like this, we will take this country further. Instead of overburdening Kenyans with taxes, we should look for creative ways to incubate our young economy, bring down the cost of living and create equity in the market space so that people can do businesses and raise money to run their affairs. ... view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: Yes. The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Speaker, for giving me an opportunity to contribute on this very crucial Bill. I will start by stating that I support the Bill on valuation and rating of properties. As we know, the land issue in this country is very emotive and it is high time we addressed it once and for all. We have to move with speed and catch up with other counties on land reform matters. In doing so, the first step is to fully digitise land matters so we can eradicate or reduce land related issues. view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: We are seeing so many land conflicts at the Coast and historical land injustices. Also, land issues where pastoralists are claiming their community land is being invaded in North Eastern and other areas. I think it is high time we digitised land issues. So, when we want to evaluate and rate, we can capture a broader bracket. As at now, if we are to evaluate, we will only address the people affected by the perennial rating issues. So as to address the issue of collection of more revenue, it is only better we try to fully get absoluteness of ownership ... view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: We also have the challenge of informal settlements. My learned friend has mentioned absoluteness in possession of land. This makes me wonder how people in the informal settlements can acquire title deeds and start paying land rates. You will find an informal settlement in the middle of a very posh area. The value of land remains the same because the locality is the same, but those in the informal settlement cannot pay the same amount as the people living in the posh neighbourhood. We need to look at all these issues because we do not want to disadvantage other people. view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: As we seek to collect more revenues for county governments, they also need to be accountable and creative. We have a lot of land lying idle in these counties which they do not pay land rates for. Why should we charge the mwanachi more yet county governments do not pay land rates for the idle land? They should come up with ways of utilising these lands and making them profitable. There are very many agencies in this country that have been allocated land by the Government which is not in use. Land is a factor of production. We should maximise ... view
  • 25 Jul 2023 in National Assembly: In some places we have overcrowded markets and behind them we have idle land owned by agencies like the Kenya Railways Corporation. This land can be leased to these traders and hence we would collect more revenue from these traders. For example, the land behind Muthurwa and Marikiti markets has been idle for a long time. It is purportedly owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation. At the same time, traders are crowded along Haile Selassie Road to the extent of placing their items on the road; half of the road is filled by traders. The congestion in this area is ... view


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