Mzalendo has a number of separate policies relating to the operation of the website


User Privacy

  1. If you have registered to use the site we will never share your email address with any third parties
  2. If you have registered to use the site we will only contact you if there is an query with content you have posted on the site, or if you have signed up to our newsletter
  3. If you have signed up to our newsletter we will only contact you about news and updates about Mzalendo.com
  4. If you post a comment on the site, the username you have selected will be displayed
  5. From time to time surveys are carried out on the site, either by Mzalendo or by one of its academic partners. If you complete one of these surveys then your details will be shared with the academic partner. As part of this research, we may also generate random unique identifiers to track the sharing of pages on social media.

Politician Privacy

  1. Almost all of the information published on mzalendo.com is already in the public domain.
  2. In some instances mzalendo.com will publish information not previously in the public domain. Such instances will be as a result of the mzalendo team agreeing that there is material public benefit from this information being made public.
  3. Should a politician or member of their staff believe that information published is inappropriate or inaccurate then they should follow the instructions laid out in the 'Amendment' and 'Take Down' policies.
  4. All politicians have the right to reply on any comments made. To do this they need to create an account and simply adding a comment onto their own page.

Amendment Policy

  1. If you believe that any information on Mzalendo.com is inaccurate please contact using the 'Correct This Information' on the appropriate page. Please tell us more than simple 'this information is wrong'. Please provide us with a source either for more accurate information or for proof that the information currently included is incorrect.
  2. Mzalendo will review all 'Correct This Information' submissions, and provided there is a credible source that either refutes the existing information or provides better information the site will be amended.

Take-Down Policy

  1. Registered users of the site have the ability to post comments on almost every page on Mzalendo.com
  2. Once posted, the comments his comment can be seen by the user and shared it with others, but it won't be findable on the site until a moderator approves it.
  3. Once a moderator has approved a comment, it can be found on the site
  4. If a user has demonstrated that they are a trust-worthy commenter, their comments will be auto-approved without intervention from a moderator.
  5. If you believe a comment (or other piece of information) on the site to be offensive or inappropriate in any way please report it.
  6. Comments can be reported using the 'Report It' button, other pieces of information can be reported using the 'Correct This Information' button.
  7. If a piece of information has been flagged as being offensive or inappropriate, a Mzalendo moderator will prevent the comment from being publicly viewed whilst a review is held.
  8. If, after the review the Mzalendo team deem that the information is inappropriate, it will continue to be blocked from public access. If it is deemed to be appropriate, then it will be made accessible for public viewing again.