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  • 15 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. Let me give my brief comments on this Petition by my friend, Bishop Khamala. As Hon. Mbadi has put it, I thought he was talking of “Kambas” but I took my time to get to know what he was talking about. Let us appreciate the fact that, that is a dialect issue. We have different dialects. I also concur with the petitioner because once an institution has been established in a certain place and you decide to relocate it, you really inconvenience people. Some people will already have invested in that area in terms of constructing ... view
  • 15 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker, for giving me this opportunity to contribute to this Bill. At the outset, I want to congratulate Hon. Ichung’wah for this Bill. It is a well thought-out Bill that will give a foundation on how we handle disasters in this country. I hope the Authority will live to the wish and the mandate of the Bill, so that we can change this country from its reactive nature towards disasters. Our country is prone to droughts, heavy rains and other disasters, but unfortunately, we only react once calamities befall us. We do not prepare for the ... view
  • 15 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker. view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, I wish to ask the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning the following Question: (i) Could the Cabinet Secretary provide the status of ownership and the number of all parcels of land set aside for public use in Maua Township in Igembe South Constituency? (ii) What measures has the Ministry put in place to ensure that all public land is safeguarded against irregular allocation and grabbing by individuals for future developments? I thank you. view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. First, I want to thank Hon Benjamin for bringing this Bill to this House. This Bill is crosscutting. It favours persons of 59 years of age and below. This means it caters for the youth and the elderly. The Bill is seeking to set in law the 60-year retirement age so that we can hold accountable the appointing authorities that extend the retirement age limit. view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: In this country, more than 70 per cent of the young people are not employed. The reason is that, jobs in this country are given to aged people. We know that after the age of 60 years, one should be enjoying his retirement as fresh blood employees are active in office working. Madam Speaker, secondly, this will help graduates who graduated the other day to be employed in offices. Currently, the people being employed are cronies of leaders. So, it is good for this Bill to be enacted into law so that we can have mandatory retirement. An officer should ... view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: are exiting the office. You should prepare somebody else to succeed you upon retirement. So, I support this Bill. I beg the House to support it so that we can create more employment opportunities for the young people. Thank you. view
  • 29 Sep 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, I rise to ask the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs the following Question: (i) Could the Ministry give an update regarding investigations into the whereabouts of one Kinyua M’mumbwika, a young man aged twenty-one (21) years from Ithamwari village, Njia Ward, Igembe Central, Meru County, who is allegedly detained in the United Republic of Tanzania without trial since the year 2015? (ii) Could the Ministry consider diplomatic intervention to ensure that the Kenyan, who is allegedly being illegally held and languishing at Maweni Remand Prison in Tanga, Tanzania, is released without any further delay? view
  • 29 Sep 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. For the three years I have stayed in this City, I have learnt a lot. I also want to confirm that I was called, but unfortunately, I was not in town, so, I did not visit them. This House must come up with a regulation which will regulate these institutions so that if it is a must that any rating be done, it should be done according to the funding which we are given and the work we do in this House as well as in committees. With that, I rest my case. view
  • 24 Sep 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I, the undersigned, on behalf of Kimathi Munjuri, National Chairman of the Nyambene Miraa Traders Association (NYAMITA), a registered association fronting the interests of Khat (Miraa) crop and industry stakeholders draw the attention of the House to the following: THAT, thousands of families in the larger Meru region growing Khat ( Catha edulis ) popularly known as Miraa have been earning a living through the sale of their crop to local and international markets in the East African region; THAT, following the declaration of Covid-19 as a global health pandemic and subsequent closure of international borders, ... view