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14th April 1953


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  • 16 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Chairman, Sir, this issue of gender has been with us for a long time. It is high time that we put it in our law books other than just giving it lip service. I am very much encouraged that this clause is talking about 30 per cent which we know and have tried to put our mind into. So, let us really put it in our law books. The only way we can do so, is by retaining this Clause 65 as it is. I know we are divided over this issue, but it is high time ... view
  • 16 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I also want to add my voice in congratulating the Minister for the passage of this Bill. But I want to remind Kenyans that the future of employment is not only in the Public Service but also in the private sector. I want to encourage Kenyans to set up businesses so that we can provide more employment opportunities because the Government is only required to give some favourable climate to do business. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I beg to reply. (a) The contract which was procured through open tendering was awarded to Jibrota Contractors Company Limited. The contract commenced on 23rd February, 2006, and was expected to be completed on 24th May, 2007, which has now passed. The contractor for the project has since December, 2006, failed to carry out any construction work. The Ministry intends to re-advertise the contract once the process of terminating the contract is complete. (b) The contract sum of the proposed Maralal Bus Park is Kshs52,860,716.15. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, this is a contract that was supposed to be funded by the Ministry and not by the town council. All the projects that are funded by the Ministry are administered through the Department of Urban Development, which is in Cianda House. For projects that are funded by town councils, tendering is done by the specific town councils. For projects that are funded by the Ministry, then tendering is done by the Ministry because that is where there is capacity of engineers and all the relevant staff. The contractor is Jibrota Contractors Limited. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would appreciate if the hon. Member would ask a specific Question regarding Trans Nzoia. We are talking about matters relating to Maralal Town Council. October 2, 2007 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES 4239 However, I would like to state that the Ministry uses the normal Government tendering process. We have an Act that has all the provisions regarding procurement and that is exactly what we use. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, we are not lacking in any capacity. We have enough capacity to undertake and manage all the projects in the Ministry. I would like hon. Members to understand that the Ministry of Local Government supervises local authorities in this country. The local authorities have funds that they generate through their own resources. They also receive funds through the Local Authorities Transfer Funds (LATF) from the Central Government. They manage that particular kitty. Any other money that we give to them as subsidies in way of projects, then we manage those funds. So, we are not lacking any ... view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Ministry is trying to post such relevant staff to the local authorities. We intend to cluster the local authorities so that we can provide them with engineers and architects. For example, all local authorities in Nyanza will receive the relevant staff who can boost their capacity, so that they can be able to carry out their projects. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, by the time the contractor vacated the site, he had done five per cent of the work. We had not paid him any money at all. If there were any liabilities on the site, that is the responsibility of the contractor and not that of the Ministry of Local Government. I would also like to inform the hon. Member that I travelled to Maralal and was able to inspect that site. I did not see any structures there. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I beg to 4240 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES October 2, 2007 reply. (a) I am aware that agricultural produce cess collected from farmers for the purpose of improving rural roads is managed by the Kenya Roads Board. (b) The Minister will not abolish crop cess since a portion of the revenue from it forms part of the general revenue of local authorities which is used to finance critical services and facilities necessary to improve the livelihood of the people within the area of jurisdiction of the local authority. view
  • 2 Oct 2007 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I wish to remind the hon. Member that through the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No.2 of 2002, the Minister for Agriculture stated that all money collected as cess shall be used in maintaining roads and other services in the local authorities. Twenty per cent of such funds is credited to the general accounts of the local authorities. Eighty per cent will be sent to the KRB through the various District Roads Committees (DRC) for rural road maintenance. The hon. Member is aware that the DRC is a composition of chairmen of local authorities, district roads engineers, ... view


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