Irshadali Mohomed Sumra


9th December 1962


House No. 1697, Unity Court, Fedha Estate Phase 2, Off Outer ring Rd, Embakasi.







Irshadali Mohomed Sumra

Hon. Sumra is available for personal consultation with his constituents every Saturday from 8am to 12am at his residence. The address is: House No. 1697, Unity Court, Fedha Estate Phase 2, Off Outer ring Rd, Embakasi.

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  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. view
  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, I think Hon. Duale is offering his seat to Hon. Ken and we wish to thank him. Withdraw from your seat and we bring Ken there in Garissa. Thank you. view
  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I would like to congratulate Hon. Ken Okoth. This Bill will actually help many people. In this life, we have physical, mental and emotional torture. I have seen children and wives tortured. We have even seen in the media some husbands get tortured. I do not know how this Bill will help them, but if it covers that, we are not looking at torture by the police only. The police have tortured too many people. Currently, when boda boda operators are arrested, the police literally slap them if they do not give money. This ... view
  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: I will torture her if I do not accept. Carry on. view
  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: I think you have tortured me. I do not wish to torture you more. view
  • 7 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: When these people are taken to cells, it is emotional torture. If she heard me properly, I said that there is emotional, mental and physical torture. I accept it as part of the correction. Hon. Ken has brought some extraordinary Bills in this House. His Bills are very informative and very educative. All I know is that there are massacres and other political tortures which I disagree with. When somebody is arrested for political reasons, I do not think he should be subjected to torture. This Bill, even though it gives the NPS teeth, it will also give some teeth ... view
  • 31 Jan 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker. I think it is the first time ever that this Hydrologists Bill is being debated in this House. It is a timely Bill. You have seen what is happening around the country. The drought is here. Ndakaini Dam is drying up. You can see that there is water rationing in Nairobi. If you remember, last year, there was full page newspaper coverage on the water reserve in Turkana. I think Turkana is supposed to be the second largest fresh water reserve in the world. We need hydrologists to now look at the tunnels we are ... view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you very much, Hon. Speaker. This is an exciting closing time. Hon. Speaker, first of all, I would like to thank you so much. My people of Embakasi have not forgotten you as the Speaker and the Leader of the Majority Party. We never expected you to come for the fundraising for the mosque. Most people pray for you because you came for the fundraising of the mosque. We have developed it with the Kshs2.8 million that was raised. We will never forget you. May Allah give you blessings. The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for ... view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: In the last two or three years, the new Members have learnt a lot of things. I also thank the staff in your office, in the Clerk‘s Office and in the Table Office who receive us very well. The Table Office is busy because everyone wants to get their Bills or Petitions done. The staff there are excellent. view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: During your tenure a new building has come up. That is very important because you are thinking ahead. The only bad thing is that our parking is getting overcrowded. During your tenure we have seen the new dining hall and we have had good food. We can talk more and more but the beauty of it is that when I meet the Jubilee Members, I get respect and love, apart from Hon. Duale who is after my tobacco, my tobacco is prescribed by a doctor. view