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  • 9 Jun 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, only you and I understand what you are talking about. I thank you very much for the detailed ruling. Lately, courtesy of the lockdown, I have been reading a lot of judgments on the same matter from our superior courts, from the High Court to the Court of Appeal, all the way to the Supreme Court. You listen to or read the arguments advanced by various judges in a matter, and they are all very convincing. If somebody were to The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report ... view
  • 9 Jun 2020 in National Assembly: consider your judgment today and he were asked to write a different opinion, he would as well be very convincing. I remember the President of this country was last weekend caught in a very tight situation of continuing to lockdown the country. And he said it was not a matter of what is right and what is wrong, but both which are right. I think you have tried to juggle between those two fundamentals. We are fortunate that you come from a history of developing very serious political movements. When you were in KANU as a very senior member, KANU ... view
  • 29 Apr 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Deputy Speaker, firstly, let me thank you for giving me this opportunity. In the same breathe, let me delve into the fears that the Leader of the Majority Party harbours. Being a ranking Member, he must have spoken out of experience. Certain times, even though this House moves with speed to pass very pertinent legislative agenda, at the end of the day there could be other quarters that interfere with what has been passed by this House by introducing extraneous matters that were not part of the piece of legislation. As we support this Bill, we also have to ... view
  • 29 Apr 2020 in National Assembly: I thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker. Even though we are currently experiencing a deluge in my constituency, and given that we also have people in evacuation centers, we are trying to prevent people from being in close contact with each other. We are practising social distancing. I hope that the flooding being experienced currently in the country will also be considered in this Supplementary Budget. There are those who are due for retirement. You will wonder why the Government would pursue retirement benefits of civil servants at this time. I would, perhaps, recommend that we add them a few more ... view
  • 29 Apr 2020 in National Assembly: As the Leader of the Minority Party has stated, we also hope that this money will be used prudently so that in a few months to come we do not hear about people who have squandered this money and hence give the DCI an additional responsibility. view
  • 29 Apr 2020 in National Assembly: I thank you for giving me this opportunity. view
  • 20 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, I thank you very much. Whereas we universally appreciate tea as one of the country’s best revenue earners besides coffee, sugar, rice, pyrethrum and others, the Bill before us does not capture the main salient issues that afflict tea farming in this country. Therefore, I will be quite apprehensive and slow to adopt this kind of Bill before this House. Before the enactment of AFA Act, there existed the Crops Act. The Crops Act which was abolished had several other crops that formed part of that bigger crop matter. I remember that when the AFA was ... view
  • 20 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: We are asking ourselves what the salient systemic weaknesses that have been seen in AFA are in order that we come up with this kind of a Bill. If we do so, we shall be, indeed, setting a very wrong precedent for this country. The following day, it will be the farmers of sisal, watermelon, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables and so on agitating for their own boards. Therefore, since we already have an existing body that looks into these issues, including tea – we have the Directorate of Tea within AFA – it is its weaknesses that we need ... view
  • 20 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, I am a bit hesitant to adopt this because I was reading the proposed Section 7 (1) about a chairperson appointed by the President. This is under the purview of farmers. Kenyans are quite apprehensive about anybody that owes its allegiance and becomes an appendage of the presidency. We have had many organisations die because of the characteristic governance issues around them. We ask ourselves why private entities are doing much better than Government The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposes only. Acertified version of this Report can be obtained from ... view
  • 20 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: bodies. Of course, Government bodies are known for three major things: mismanagement, squandering of public resources and they, within a short period of time, ground to a halt. If we have identified the systemic problems bedevilling them, those are the issues we need to address. However, having, again, the presidency having an overall supervisory role about a body that has been set up to assist farmers, according to Kenyans, it will be utterly unacceptable. We have had many blame games directed towards KTDA. The KTDA is a private entity. Private entities are established with one common goal, which is making ... view