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  • 6 Oct 2020 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, that is a wise decision because we just sit here and our electorate tell us that we do not talk in Parliament. It is also good to give us a chance. view
  • 6 Oct 2020 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, other Members have spoken. Abalayonga, view
  • 6 Oct 2020 in Senate: That is Kiturkana. It means: Some people speak often and others do not. view
  • 6 Oct 2020 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, hon. Members are just making it what it should not be because they are making it appear a big deal. In as much as other Members have spoken about coffee, tea, maize and so on and so forth, I would like to speak on a different aspect of agriculture. While money is dumped in some special parts of the country, money should also be spread all over the country especially in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). In ASALs, we have places that are arable where we can grow food but those regions are food insecure. There ... view
  • 6 Oct 2020 in Senate: Livestock rearing is part of agriculture. We should also adequately invest in this sector to take care of livestock in terms of buying medicine and keeping our animals healthy. This is because we lose many of our animals to diseases in these regions. There are arable regions in Turkana County for agricultural activities. Therefore, I urge the Government to allocate adequate resources to those regions of our county so that our people can engage themselves in agricultural activities to produce enough food. view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in Senate: Thank you, Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, for giving me the chance. From the beginning, I support the Petition because issue of boundary dispute is common throughout the country. Many counties are squabbling and conflicting over boundaries. This is a very important Petition. It is also emotive because changing boundaries is not easy. Sen. (Dr.) Musuruve says the people from whom you take the land assume that you are taking it from them to give it to somebody else. They would not like that. I know that the colonialists are the ones who put us in this mess. They created these ... view
  • 1 Oct 2020 in Senate: There have been issues when you look at international boundaries between Kenya and Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan and Kenya and Ethiopia boundaries. As I speak today, people are dying on the boundaries. Today, the South Sudanese have camped within Elemi Triangle which is in Kenya and a conflict is brewing. People are going to shoot each other because Turkanas feel that the South Sudanese are stepping into their grazing land. They are bound to be conflicts here. Two weeks ago, there was a conflict on the boundary of Ethiopia and Kenya. There was an attack and four Kenyans were ... view
  • 23 Jun 2020 in Senate: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Sir, for giving me the chance to say something about this Petition. I support this Petition forthwith. The question of land, as my colleagues have said, is a touchy issue. Somehow, the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning has not stepped in to solve some of these problems. There are boundaries that were put in place by the colonialists. These are what is cutout and what we call counties today, yet, the Ministry is not showing this clearly, so that we can avoid some of these squabbles. The squabbles are as a result of the boundaries ... view
  • 23 Jun 2020 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I support the Petition and hope that the Committee of the Senate that this Petition will be referred to will take this matter seriously and find a lasting solution to these squabbles. view
  • 12 May 2020 in Senate: Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. I would like to add my voice to support the Petition by the citizens of Machakos that they should be treated right and with respect. Those of us who are grey in the head remember a time when this country employed people based on their credentials and what they got in school. There is a trend going round in the country and it is taking us downwards, by the fact that in several counties people are given jobs based on their political inclinations and who they supported in the elections. This trend cannot push ... view