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Rose Nyamunga Ogendo

A niece of the late Robert Ouko, she was interested in politics in 1992. She recalls how she realized where her fate was in 1990s, when she followed her family discussions on political developments in the country. She used to follow keenly political activists like Paul Muite and James Orengo since she had an interest in people’s rights and justice. She gained experience in developing a solid manifesto and campaign structure during the campaigns of her husband Eric Nyamunga, former Nyando MP. In her manifesto, she promised economic empowerment for the youth and women, adult education for women, mentorship for girls and sports opportunities in the county.

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  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Thank you, Senator. We will now allow a few comments. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Proceed, Sen. (Dr.) Musuruve. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Give her two more minutes. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Senator, thank you for such a deliberate attempt to talk on behalf of the youth of this country. Sen. (Dr.) Milgo, kindly proceed. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Thank you, Senator. We now move to the next Petition by the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Roads and Transportation, the Senator for Kiambu. The electronic version of the Senate Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor, Senate. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Sen. Wamatangi, I do know your name, but you are also the Senator for Kiambu County. Proceed. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Thank you, Senator. We will allow a few comments from a few Members. Proceed, Sen. (Prof.) Kamar. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: You are on your feet, looking for a point of order. Both of you cannot be standing at the same time. What is out of order? view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: We allowed a bit of that, because as you can see, this is the last day for us to be here and time is on our side. I think we are in a position to do what we are doing. Proceed, Sen. (Prof.) Kamar. view
  • 5 Dec 2019 in Senate: Hon. Senators, it is good to bring to your attention that on committing of Petitions, Standing Order 232 states that:- “Whenever a Petition is committed to a Standing Committee, the Committee shall, in not more than sixty calendar days from the time of reading the prayer, respond to the petitioner by way of a report addressed to the petitioner or petitioners and laid on the Table of the Senate and no debate on or in relation to the report shall be allowed, but the Speaker may, allow comments or observations in relation to the Petition for not more than thirty ... view