Mzalendo has worked with a number of partners to create this site:


mySociety is the project of UK Citizens Online Democracy, a UK registered charity. mySociety runs most of the best-known democracy and transparency websites in the UK, sites like TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem.

mySociety has two missions. The first is to be a charitable project which builds websites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives. The second is to teach the public and voluntary sectors, through demonstration, how to use the internet most efficiently to improve lives.

In 2010 Omidyar Network awarded mySociety a grant to provide technical and administration support to Mzlanendo, based upon their experience of running similar websites in the UK. Over the course of 2011 mySociety has worked closely with Mzalendo, building a new website and sourcing data. mySociety will continue to work with Mzalendo over the course of 2012, adding further features and insight to the site.

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network was founded on the fundamental belief that every person has the power to make a difference. It creates opportunity for people to realize that power and improve the quality of their lives. When people take the initiative to make life better for themselves, they can share the benefits with their families, become more active in their communities, and be a more positive force in society.


Uwezo is a four year initiative that aims to improve competencies in literacy and numeracy among children aged 6-16 years old in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, by using an innovative approach to social change that is citizen driven and accountable to the public.

Uwezo have shared their unique educational audit data with Mzalendo and it will be shortly going live on the site.

The National Taxpayers Association

The National Taxpayers Association has shared its social audit data with Mzalendo.

The NTA is an independent, non-partisan organization focused on promoting good governance in Kenya through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery and partnership building.

NTA is registered as a 'society' under section 10 of the Societies Act. Since 2006, the NTA has been implementing programmes focused on enhanced citizen demand for accountability through monitoring of the quality of public service delivery and the management of devolved funds.

It has achieved this through the development of social accountability tools, Citizen Report Cards (CRCs), civic awareness and citizen capacity-building and initiating partnerships with the government and non-state actors.

What are the objectives of the NTA?

  • To ensure that taxpayers’ money is used to deliver quality services, such as health, education, agriculture, roads and water, etc., for all Kenyans.
  • To ensure transparent and citizen-responsive management of taxpayers’ money in devolved funds, such as the Constituency Bursary Fund, Constituency Development Fund, - Free Primary Education Fund, etc.
  • To sensitize citizens on their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers.


An accountable, citizen-responsive government delivering quality services to all.


To promote good governance through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery and partnership building.

NTA Values

  • Accountability - We abide by the rules and procedures that govern NTA and are accountable in fulfilling our duties and obligations.
  • Transparency - We provide information to our members, partners and implementing partners regarding all our activities.
  • Equity - We operate in an equitable manner ensuring all our activities enable members to operate on an equal footing.
  • Participation - NTA is inclusive and will ensure that decisions made are consensus-based and elicit the needs of people through effective participation. Human rights - NTA adopts a rights-based approach ensuring that basic human rights are achieved.
  • Integrity and fairness - All members are required to exercise a high level of professional integrity and fairness in conducting business on behalf of the NTA. We will act in a fair and responsible manner to protect the rights of all our members.
  • Responsibility - NTA has established leadership that is capable, responsible, representative and conscious of its obligations.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency - NTA strives to undertake all aspects of its operations with efficiency and effectiveness.