Proposed Bills

This section lists bills that have been shared with us by Parliamentarians for public input.

The National Youth Employment Authority Bill 2015 - Sponsored by Hon. Sakaja

The proposed National Youth Employment Authority bill gives effect to Articles 55(c) and 56(c) of the Constitution; provides for i) the maintenance of a database of all Kenyan youth seeking employment; ii) a framework to facilitate increased employment of the youth in the national government, county government, State organs, and national and county government entities; and iii) a framework and facilitation of employment of youth in the private sector. It also seeks to i) facilitate and promote equity and diversity, and eliminate discrimination in the employment of youth; and ii) to give effect to the constitutional values and principles in so far as employment of the youth is concerned.

Is the bill representing your concerns and interests? For more details see: The National Youth Employment Authority Bill 2015