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Joyce Akai Emanikor

Joyce was born in abject poverty. In 2012, she suspended her PhD studies to concentrate. In 1985-1996 she participated in the translation of the bible to Turkana language. Previously, Joyce worked with the United Nations Children and Oxfam Kenya and was actively involved with the community. She puts education empowerment on top of her list in her quest to transform Turkana County. She also believes that without security, there cannot be any development and therefore has been very vocal on issues of security in her parliamentary debates.

Parliamentary appearances

Joyce Akai Emanikor has spoken 432 times in Parliament.

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Lifetime summary

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  • 2019: 29 speeches
  • 2018: 57 speeches
  • 2017: 10 speeches
  • 2016: 110 speeches
  • 2015: 101 speeches
  • 2014: 71 speeches
  • 2013: 54 speeches