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Maison Leshoomo

The fact that she received limited education doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. As a victim of retrogressive culture, Leshoomo vows to help other girls to be educated to beat cultural norms that act as a hurdle. Maison’s political journey arose out of a gutsy choice she made to attend public meetings against her husband’s orders. The move opened the door for her to become a nominated councilor in 1992 a position she maintained for 10 years. She joined Maendeleo ya Wanawake in 1995 and rose to become the chairperson in Maralal District. In 2008, the Party of National Unity (PNU) nominated her to parliament. As a long serving member of the Samburu District Peace Committee, she has taken it upon herself to promote peace between the Samburu and the neighbouring communities.

Responsibilities as Member of the National Assembly

  • Representation – Acts on your behalf on issues of concern to you & the nation.
  • Oversight – Controls budget, oversees the presidency, ministries and parastatals plus appointments.
  • Legislation – Develops or contributes to law making.
  • NG-CDF – Runs the Constituency Development Fund.

Current positions

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