Constituency (Parliament)

Past Constituency: from 28th December 2007 to 14th January 2013

CDF Projects (144)

There are 144 CDF projects in Mbooni. These are the most expensive:

  • Kikima Water Project (2003): Ksh 9,100,659 spent on Construction Pump House, Vip Latrine 5 No., Water Tank 50M, Genset & Pipes. (more)
  • Tawa Social Hall (2003): Ksh 7,446,875 spent on Construction Hall, Electric Instal., Parking/Garage, Access Road, Office Equip Back Office & 1000 Chairs For Hall, Fencing & Gate. . (more)
  • Kisau Dispensary / Kisau Health Centre (2003): Ksh 3,710,890 spent on Construction Wards Including Electrical Installation, Plumbing And Drainage.. (more)
  • Utangwa Dispensary (2004): Ksh 2,692,800 spent on Construction Health Facility (14 Rooms, 2 Flash Toilets, Furniture & Fittings). (more)
  • Nthangu Water Project (2004): Ksh 2,349,610 spent on Installation Of Water System; IntakeRepair Of Pipe Line, Construction of New Water Tanks. (more)
  • Kitundu Dispensary (2004): Ksh 2,335,300 spent on Construction Of Health Facility With A Maternity Wing; Equipping And Lab Reagents. (more)
  • Watuka Secondary School (2004): Ksh 2,200,000 spent on Construction (2) Classroom (Form 1 & 2), (3) Pit Latrines (Boys, Girls, Staff), Admin Block Construction 2 Classrooms (Form 3 &4), Science Lab, Fencing. . (more)
  • Kitundu Secondary School (2004): Ksh 2,175,165 spent on Construction Of Girls Dorm; Pit Latrines, Bathrooms, Washing Bay, Electrical Wiring, 40 Double Deckers, and Plastic Tanks.. (more)
  • Kandulyu Earth Dam (2006): Ksh 2,080,000 spent on Excavation, Water Kiosk, Cattle Trough, Check Dam, Toilet And Fence. (more)
  • Kako Secondary School (2004): Ksh 2,000,000 spent on General School Renovation And Pur. 40 Beds And Staff Toilets Construction Of D/Hall, Kitchen, Food Store. (more)


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