Constituency (Parliament)

Past Constituency: from 28th December 2007 to 14th January 2013

CDF Projects (57)

There are 57 CDF projects in Starehe. These are the most expensive:

  • Ndururuno Secondary School (2004): Ksh 14,000,000 spent on Construction Of A Two Streamed School. (more)
  • Huruma Social Hall (2005): Ksh 9,500,000 spent on Construction Of A Social Hall And A Nursery School. (more)
  • Installation Of Adopt Alight (2006): Ksh 7,500,000 spent on Installation Of Adopt Alight At Huruma Kambi And Kijabe Street. (more)
  • Mathare Social Hall (2005): Ksh 5,500,000 spent on n/a. (more)
  • Sports (2006): Ksh 4,000,000 spent on Rehabilitation Of Playing Ground. (more)
  • Health Projects (2004): Ksh 2,855,207 spent on n/a. (more)
  • Pumwani Secondary School (2007): Ksh 2,100,000 spent on Renovation Of Hostels. (more)
  • Huruma Police Post (2004): Ksh 2,000,000 spent on Construction Of Police Post. (more)
  • Huruma Primary School (2006): Ksh 1,700,000 spent on Construction Of A Kitchen. (more)
  • Old Mathare Primary School Adm Block (2007): Ksh 1,500,000 spent on Construction Of Administration Block. (more)