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  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, this Bill brings to the Table a very important forum for the counties in this country. If you go to the counties where we all come from, there is a lot of confusion in terms of how to move forward in terms of their development. The biggest problem is where you find that the Member of Parliament has gone to the wards. He has talked to the members of the public in terms of their priorities and the following week, the governor goes to the same wards asking for the same priorities. So, you find there is a ... view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, that is why I am saying that there are things which can be done in this forum which are very important. These are things to do with strategic thinking so that as local leaders in a county, you can think strategically about what you need to do to make your county develop. A forum like that will be very important. view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: At the same time, you need to think about how you coordinate that development because, at the end of the day, whether you are a member of the county assembly (MCA), Member of Parliament (MP) or governor, you are serving the same members of the public. You are not serving different members of the public. On that note, then it will be very important to have such a coordination role. I believe if that forum can do that, then it will be helping this country. view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, however there are some clauses here which do not make sense, and which I think we need to amend. For instance, if you look at page 4, Clause 5, it says that at its first meeting, the county development board shall elect a vice-chairperson from among its members. If you look at page 2, Clause 2(d), it says that the woman member of the National Assembly for the county elected under Article 97(1)(b) of the Constitution shall chair or shall be vice-chairperson of the board. So, it says “elect” and it says the women representative shall be the ... view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, when we have members appointed by this Bill, then let the membership of the board elect the chair, vice-chair and then determine who chairs that board. However, procedurally and if you consider good governance, it is always important that the chief executive officers provide secretariat services. So, the whole idea of the governor’s office providing the secretarial services makes a lot of sense from international best practices. It does not mean that the governor will actually do the minutes but he can appoint somebody from his office to provide secretarial services. view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, the other thing which makes me oppose this Bill is the issue of what we are calling the constituency ward boards and the ward boards. For example, The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: through the Constituencies Development Fund (CDF) Act, 2013 which was amended, it is clearly stated that there shall be a board and the membership is clearly described. So, I am wondering why we should have another parallel board which comes and works together with the CDF. That is because the CDF Board is already there by law and then we have another board which comes in by law. I think that will cause confusion. So, I will be proposing that, that section be deleted and, if it is not deleted, then I will oppose this Bill. view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, the other thing is that, when you go to the lower level, which is the ward, the same thing is also proposed. However, when you look at Clause 91(d) of this Bill, it says:- view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: “The operational expenses in respect of the county development board, the sub- county development board and the ward development board shall be provided for in the annual estimates of the revenue and expenditure of respective county governments.” view
  • 5 Mar 2014 in National Assembly: So, you can see this thing is going to be very expensive to the counties and, instead of channeling our money to development, most of that money will go to recurrent expenditure. So, hon. Speaker, I think these are some of the things I will be proposing that we amend and, if they are amended, I will support this Bill. If they are not amended, I will oppose this Bill strongly. However, the way it is now, I oppose it. I do not like the way it is framed. However, if it is amended, I will support it. view