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  • 5 Dec 2013 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, I will be very brief because I know that hon. Members are hungry. I rise to support the Motion, remembering that this amendment was part of the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill. It is important that we now approve this Bill, so that the exercise can be completed, having started a long time ago. Since I can see some hon. Members sending some signals to me, I beg to support. view
  • 4 Dec 2013 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I wish to thank the Chair for that Statement and for informing us that at least Kshs150 million has been set aside for Chuka as an emergency fund. During the April rains this year, a number of drifts were washed away in my area. I requested for emergency funds and up to now, the Regional Engineer has not received a single cent. I am wondering whether this is a case of discrimination. I do not know whether this issue of Chuka Town is more urgent than the drifts which were washed away and people cannot ... view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: n a point of order, hon. Speaker, Sir. I would like to know whether it is in order for the hon. Member to suggest that women stepping aside from Committees should be replaced by women when a decision was made in this House to the effect that efforts would be made for each Member to be in one Departmental Committee and one Select Committee. Is she implying that even when we have a situation where some hon. Members are not in two Committees, our lady counterparts should be given more Committees without caring about other hon. Members? view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: Thank you, hon. Speaker, Sir, for giving me a chance to contribute to this amendment. The object of this amendment to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Act, is to make a provision, so that the report can be discussed by the National Assembly. I want to support the amendment, but there are things that we need to be cautious of. The production of this report has taken a lot of time. I remember a situation where the time for the Commission to complete its work was extended. That means that it took a long time and used a lot of ... view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: we debate it as informed by the findings of the report. If that will be done, we will be doing justice to Kenyans. In the original Act, the fear must have been that if the report is opened to Parliamentary debate, then Parliamentarians may take advantage of that to protect our friends, who are politicians like us, our friends who are leading this country and other senior institutions. Even as we amend this Act to have the report come to Parliament to be debated, as a House, we need to be very objective in our discussions, so that we do ... view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: Thank you, hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker for this opportunity. I have actually been looking forward to this opportunity. I had to leave a meeting of the Budget and Appropriations Committee to come and contribute to this Bill. I rise to oppose this Bill and the reason why I am opposing is that many of the areas which I wanted to cover have been covered. So, I just want to focus on two issues. If these two are either amended or dropped, I will support this Bill. I want to start with the issue of the National Youth Council. When you ... view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: Fund (CDF) and before the county governments came into existence, did not know of an existence of a Government. The only institutions which were known were NGOs and in some places you could go there and find Kenyans saying that the Government they know is the NGOs because of what they are doing. Then we are saying we want to restrict these NGOs to a level where they can only get 15 per cent of their funding from external sources. So, the question I am asking myself is: The Government does not fund NGOs. We have people of goodwill out ... view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: Okay. Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, as I wind up I want to say that as Kenyans we are thinking about moving from full time commissioners to part time commissioners and I do not think this amendment is in line with the thinking. The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 28 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: So, with those remarks, I oppose this Bill. view
  • 27 Nov 2013 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have listened to the Statement and we have been told that investigations started in 2010. Bearing in mind the negative impact drugs have on the Kenyan youth, I wanted to find out from the Chairman whether taking almost three years carrying out investigations is fair to Kenyans? Is it also fair to those who are accused? It is very unfortunate that such a serious matter can take that long to be investigated. view