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  • 1 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: If you read through the Motion, you will find that it talks about our own Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs being requested to come up with persuasive and compelling mechanisms to ensure Kenyans register as voters. That did not come out very clearly when Hon. Jude was moving the Motion. What we should be thinking about, in terms of timing is that we are time barred. I want to tell Kenyans wherever they are to, for now, ignore this Motion. Go out and register as a voter. But, for the future, this Motion is important. view
  • 1 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: As we move forward, we need to borrow best practices from other countries. If we had what we call an integrated comprehensive registration system, we would come up with a system where once you are born, you get your birth certificate. Immediately you reach 18 years, your Identity Card (ID) comes out automatically. So, you are given your ID. As a country, I believe we need to have voters card and an ID. Why do we not come up with legislative framework where once you get an ID, it becomes your voters card? That is so that you just produce ... view
  • 1 Feb 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker. I appreciate the frustration my friend is going through. I did not say that we should not persuade Kenyans to get voters card. If anything, what is important in this Motion is the issue of persuasion. I think we need to go out there and persuade them to register. But instead of persuading them when we are about to go for an election, it is good that we come up with long-term plans and mechanisms to make sure that people register as voters. That is why I am saying that one of the attractive things ... view
  • 25 Jan 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I rise to support this Procedural Motion on Limitation of Debate on individual Members’ Bills. It is also important that I make observations. Bills are very important to this House. Most of the debate focuses more on Bills - both by the Government through the Leader of the Majority Party or Individual Members’ Bills. I have observed that some of us who fall under the category of any other Member were only allocated 10 minutes. At times, in Bills where we have interest and have taken time to do a bit of research, we are limited ... view
  • 25 Jan 2017 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I second. view
  • 20 Dec 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker for giving me this chance to also comment on the Budget Policy Statement. I have read through this document. I must appreciate the input of all the people who have given their comments into this policy paper, which is quite important. The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 20 Dec 2016 in National Assembly: When you analyse this important document against the legal requirements in terms of what the Constitution says; in terms of what the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act 2012 says; and in terms of what the regulation says, you will realise that the National Treasury has never scored 100 per cent of what is expected of them for the last three years we have been receiving this document. They normally score between 70 and 80 per cent. Since this is just a framework of a document to be prepared, the National Treasury should work hard to meet the expectations of the ... view
  • 20 Dec 2016 in National Assembly: I think it is important that the National Treasury moves very quickly. We are proposing to amend the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act, so that we come up with what we call the Treasury single account. In that case, any resources which are not being used immediately by the different Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), can be used by the Government to avoid borrowing at commercial rates. That is very important. view
  • 20 Dec 2016 in National Assembly: Over time, this country has released a lot of money through cash transfers. In the just ended financial year, we had provided Kshs19 billion. It is important for the House to come up with a mechanism of auditing how these resources are being disbursed and see whether in terms of targeting, we are getting it right. If I consider my constituency, and I have heard most of my colleagues say this, there could be money that does not reach the targeted group. It is important we get an audit of these resources, so that as a country, then the issue ... view
  • 20 Dec 2016 in National Assembly: The other issue that I want to speak about is the money we use in terms of leasing police cars. Last year, we provided money for leasing of about 1,200 police cars and the whole essence was to make sure that there is visibility of the police, which is expected to improve the security situation in the country. It is important to conduct a value for money audit for this programme which has been receiving a lot of resources from the Exchequer, so that we can know the objective of setting up the programme and whether it is being achieved. ... view