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  • 3 Aug 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I join my colleagues in supporting this Motion so that we go home and meet our constituents at the grassroots level. Those of us who come from very vast constituencies will have an opportunity to visit our people. The ECK has announced that it is going to start registration of voters on 15th August. It is unfortunate that most of our people, especially where I come from, cannot take part in this exercise because of lack of identity cards. This has been going on for many years and as leaders, we have complained for a very ... view
  • 28 Jun 2006 in National Assembly: Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. I would also like to join my colleagues by making some comments on the Budget Speech. June 28, 2006 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES 1661 When the Minister was presenting the Budget, I thought I was in a campaign rally. It was totally addressing a campaign rally and it did not have anything meaningful for our people. When I looked at the Minister's Speech later, I realized that the whole idea was to collect more and more taxes. That is exactly what the Budget was all about. The Minister introduced the capital gains tax which was abolished ... view
  • 28 Jun 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it should be increased to, at least, 5 per cent to begin with. We can later on have it increased to 7 per cent, so that we can get good money for the development of our constituencies. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, we have used the CDF money to build health centres and dispensaries in our constituencies. Unfortunately, these institutions have not been provided with personnel or medical supplies. Therefore, the Ministry of Health should employ more nurses, clinal officers and doctors to man these institutions. I do not understand why the Government cannot employ 10,000 nurses. ... view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Thank you, Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir. Let me take this chance to thank you--- view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: 580 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES April 19, 2006 view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Thank you, Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, for giving me this chance to support this Motion. I am here to support the improvement of the security situation in our country, especially in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). We all know that 80 per cent of our country falls under the ASAL region. Many lives and properties have been lost due to insecurity in those regions. Since Independence, very little has been done to correct the situation. Those of us who come from those regions know the cause of the problem. It is, unfortunate, that nobody takes what we say ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Asante sana, Bw. Naibu Spika wa Muda, kwa kunipa fursa hii. Bw. Naibu Spika wa Muda, ninafurahi kwamba tumerudi kwa Bunge. Mwaka uliopita ulikuwa mgumu sana kwa sababu kulikuwa na mambo ambayo si ya kawaida. Tulikuwa tukishindania matunda mawili; chungwa na ndizi. Hiyo vita ilikuwa ngumu sana. Sijaona vita mbaya kama hiyo maishani mwangu, tangu nilipokuwa kwa siasa. Bw. Naibu Spika wa Muda, watu wakishindana, mmoja hushindwa na mwingine anashinda. Na yule anashindwa anapanguza vumbi na kuendelea na kazi. Lakini jambo ambalo linanishangaza ni kwamba wale wameshinda ndio wako na hasira. Badala ya kufurahi, wako na hasira nyingi sana. Labda ... view
  • 22 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have another solution to the problem before you go to mathematics; KANU donated two slots to FORD(P) in 2003. FORD(P) and KANU are still there and have not died. Normally, when you donate something, you never take it back; you are not supposed to take it back! view


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