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  • 14 Jun 2017 in Senate: Madam Temporary Speaker, I also join my colleagues in supporting this Motion. I thank the team led by our able hon. Speaker, Sen. David Ekwee Ethuro and the entire team that has been listed here, including the Mover of this Motion, Sen. (Dr.) Machage for the tireless effort and commitment that they put in reviewing the Senate Standing Orders, particularly pointing out the procedure and the rules. Madam, Temporary Speaker, what I see, which they have put clearly is that, they did a lot of wide consultations and received proposals from Senators. They also consulted the office of the Clerk ... view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Sir. Let me comment on these two messages from the National Assembly. About EALA, the list we had last time and the deliberation we had in this House, we referred a lot back to the coalition parties where, for example, the NASA or CORD fraternity were supposed to raise 12 people instead of 4. What has come here---- We would definitely want to see whether the names have now been trimmed from 15 to 5 for the Jubilee and from 12 to 4 for the CORD coalition. A number of us here are very keen because ... view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, I also join my colleagues in contributing to The Health Bill (National Assembly Bill No.14 of 2016). view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Yes, Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir. view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, I am not amused because what is on the Table is The Health Bill (National Assembly Bill No.14 of 2016). view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, I have a contribution to make. view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, I thank my colleague from Homa Bay County, which is north of West Pokot County. It is quite important to make sure that the Pensions Act governs pensions of our retired officers because the process they go through when they retire is very frustrating. When they are active in the service, they are valuable to the nation. They are paid and awarded titles of recognition on time. They are also given opportunities to express themselves. However, the opposite of this happens the moment they retire from the service. This unfortunate thing happens in third world countries ... view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: On a point of order, Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir. Allow me to read Article 96(1) and (4) of the Constitution. “(1) The Senate represents the counties, and serves to protect the interests of those counties and their governments. (4) The Senate participates in the oversight of state officers by considering and determining any resolution to remove the President or deputy president from office in accordance with Article 145.” I have read this because this House was recalled to come today for this business. We got letters and Short Messages Service (SMSs) from the leaders of this House; the Senate view
  • 9 Jun 2017 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Speaker, Sir, the version I was bringing was that when the new House reconvenes in future, we need to have a clause. If we can attempt to remove people from the national Government, like the President and Deputy President, we must have a clause in our Standing Orders to remove our own leaders, even in a week, when they misbehave. That way we can offer Kenyans the direction we so need. I came all the way from West Pokot County where I was campaigning, hoping to go back to be a village elder serving as governor. Now, I ... view
  • 25 May 2017 in Senate: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Sir. I join my colleagues in noting that some of the petitions that have come here instead of looking at the targeted policies that we have, they almost want to deviate from them. The one which stands out as peculiar is the one for Kisii where they want to replace a forest with a cash crop. My colleague, Sen. Ndiema, can tell you that Kitale Town which had a mighty forest surrounding it is now looking awkward just because all the trees were cut down. The rains we used to have near the town have simply ... view


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