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  • 24 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: It also happens in agriculture, livestock keeping and bee keeping. We have people in Ukambani whose fathers, for example, were bee keepers and such people understand bee keeping very well. They are better than a professor in Kabete. The professor has papers, but the guy who comes up with the sweet honey has no papers and cannot be employed anywhere. It is high time our technical institutions at the constituencies in conjunction with the Kenya National Examinations Council established ways of testing technical skills. view
  • 24 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you. I beg to support. view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to air my voice in supporting this Report. First of all, I would like to highlight the patriotic duty of every Kenyan. But it is very difficult for anybody to claim to be patriotic when they do not own any part of this country. This then brings me to the issue of land ownership. The only way to own land legally is through a title deed. In the spirit of liberalising land, we need to conduct massive land adjudication so that every Kenyan can have a title deed to show ownership of land. ... view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: On the same note, there are areas we have exploration of minerals in rural areas where people do not own land. An example is coal exploration in the Mui Basin. The people living at that basin in Zombe/Mwitika Ward, Mutitu/Kaliku Ward and Mui Ward have no title deeds. Nobody has a title deed. The county government is planning to explore and mine coal. Discussion on moving people who have no title deeds from their land to pave way for coal mining is very difficult. Somebody cannot negotiate and show interest that his land is being repossessed when they do not ... view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: In many areas, especially at the Coast, you find absentee landlords. For example, you may find a Sheikh Seyyid in Oman owning land in Mombasa while Kenyans around him do not or do not have title deeds for any piece of land. They even do not know how a title deed looks like. We need to highlight the first bullet on liberalisation of land that every Kenyan in a measurable timeline should be given a title deed to show land ownership. view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: We should also look at areas where the Government or county governments own huge chunks of land. We should look for ways for the Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and county governments, to help people who live on specific pieces of The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposes only. Acertified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: land to till them. I am thinking about establishment of irrigation schemes and water points for pastoralists. Huge chunks of land are not utilised because they lack social amenities and infrastructure like electricity, roads and security in parts of the North Rift, North Eastern and parts of the Eastern Region in Ukambani. The Government should come in and provide basic infrastructure to enable farmers and livestock keepers to utilise the land properly. Although a certain piece of land may be owned by the Government, a farmer adjacent to the farm can use it to plant crops or keep livestock. This ... view
  • 16 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: In the recent years, there has been a decline in livestock in our country. In another 20 years, Kenya may import meat from our neighbours like Sudan because the number of cattle in Kajiado, Garissa, Wajir and other areas has declined. Areas where we have large herds of cattle have declined drastically in the last 10 years because people cannot manage because of the various challenges. We have huge chunks of land where livestock farmers can take advantage of. These huge chunks of land lack the necessary facilities like water and infrastructure. As part of this Report, I would request ... view
  • 9 Oct 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. You know it is our first time in Parliament and some of these village behaviours can find themselves in the Chamber. Sorry for raising my hand. I rise to support the Report on the Sixth Ordinary Session of the Fourth Pan African Parliament. Noting that this is the legislative body of the African Union (AU), my attention has been drawn to the issues addressing climate change, having in mind that issues affecting climate have no boundary control. In Kenya and most African countries, we are suffering as a result of climate change. That is because of ... view
  • 7 Aug 2018 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I stand here to share the pain with the people of Mwingi and the St. Gabriel fraternity for the loss of the innocent souls. On my behalf and the people of Kitui East, I join my brothers in Mwingi Central in condoling the families. It has been said that it is an accident. Accidents can be The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposes only. Acertified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view


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