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  • 10 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you very much, Hon. Speaker. I also take this chance to pass my condolences, those of my family, Kapenguria Constituency and the entire West Pokot to the family of the late former President Moi. I want to say that I was lucky enough because when I came to Parliament, he appointed me to his office as assistant minister. He related so well with people. State House was open to Members of Parliament. It is because he knew that MPs are the representatives of the people. No one was denied to go there and talk to him. When he was ... view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order No.43, I seek leave of the House for the purpose of discussing the landslide disaster in West The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposes only. Acertified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Pokot County and, in particular, Sigor and Pokot South Constituencies and other parts of the county. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, on 23rd November 2019, a landslide disaster occurred in West Pokot County which resulted in loss of lives of over 60 persons and many are yet to be found. It is unfortunate that there is a lot of suffering and some affected and injured persons are undergoing treatment in various hospitals. Further, it has led to displacement of families where a number of over 500 households are homeless after their houses were buried or swept away by floods. The communities have lost all their properties that include food in stores and granaries, livestock and their valuable land. Hon. ... view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, it is for this reason and with your indulgence that I seek leave of the House in order to discuss the state of the landslide disaster in West Pokot County and other parts of the country. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Deputy Speaker for giving me this chance to inform Kenyans what the people of West Pokot are going through. You have seen on televisions and newspapers what is happening. It is horrible and it is something we have never seen since we were born. If you talk to the people around there, they are saying they have never seen such a thing. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: This is a natural disaster, but we are worried if Kenyans can face such a problem and fail to receive help from the people they expect to support them. For the last four days, I have been there together with the affected Members of Parliament like the Member for Sigor who has lost over 30 people and the Member for Pokot South. It was impossible for the neighbours from Kapenguria, Lodwar, Turkana or Baringo who want to support and rescue the people to get there. The 18 foot bridges from Mwino in Marakwet all the way to Kainuk were destroyed. view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Everywhere is flooded. There are no foot bridges to cross over. The people in Mwino are suffering. Their neighbours, the Marakwets and Tugens, are willing to support them, but there is no way they can assist. The people from Kapenguria, Trans Nzoia and Eldoret are willing to assist, but the four bridges from Mulboss all the way to Marich went down. There is no much help from the Government, yet we know it should support its people since they have the machinery. We have engineers and the military who can build foot bridges to help the people. Even if they ... view
  • 26 Nov 2019 in National Assembly: Again, over 60 people have lost their lives. Others are recovering from injuries. Many are still missing including children. Schools where the people can take refuge were destroyed and it is still raining. I do not want to take much time because there are Members who want to contribute. It is not only West Pokot that is affected. I have seen what is happening in Isiolo although the press has not covered it. The people in Isiolo are saying that our situation is better than theirs. view