Silas Muriuki Ruteere


12th January 1949


Parliament Buildings
Parliament Rd.
P.O Box 41842 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya





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  • 18 Dec 2012 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I also take this opportunity to join my colleagues who have expressed very good sentiments about services by the Clerk to the National Assembly, Mr. Gichohi. I joined this Parliament in 2008; I was very new, but the advice that I got from him in handling parliamentary business and Committee affairs has been very valuable to me. He has been readily accessible and has given priority to Members of Parliament whenever they have wanted to see him in his office. He has been a very good staff of this National Assembly, and has given very valuable guidance ... view
  • 18 Dec 2012 in National Assembly: I had an opportunity to travel with him and Mr. Speaker to Egypt. That was a very good time when I came to know him personally and his interaction with other people. He was very friendly to those of us who had not gone outside this country. I wish him the best in his new endeavours. I wish him a merry Christmas when he will be a new person in a new environment. Let him try things as a new person, but not as tired or retired person. Let him try something fresh. He can also continue with the wisdom ... view
  • 18 Dec 2012 in National Assembly: Thank you. view
  • 5 Dec 2012 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I want to start by thanking hon. Kioni for introducing this very important Bill. Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, there was a time when all the agricultural products, including coffee, tea and pyrethrum were doing so well in Kenya. But a time came when all the institutions which were running these very important agricultural products were run down. Among the institutions which were run down was the one in charge of pyrethrum. This is because almost all the property belonging to the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya was actually vandalized and taken. Farmers delivered their products ... view
  • 28 Nov 2012 in National Assembly: Thank you, Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, for giving me this opportunity to contribute to this very important Bill. First, I would like to thank Dr. Otichilo for introducing this Bill at this time when the world is experiencing a lot of climate changes. Climate change is a reality, but many of us are taking is casually. It is through these kind of Bills that the public, the country and the Government will take more serious interventions, so that climate change does not affect us adversely. Looking at what is happening around the world, we see that where there is ... view
  • 10 Oct 2012 in National Assembly: asked the Minister for Co-operative Development and Marketing:- (a) whether he is aware that Michiimikuru Tea Growers Sacco is unable to meet its financial obligations to its shareholders due to financial mismanagement and theft by its previous management committee, (b) whether he is further aware that an inquiry instituted by the Ministry in 2008 recommended that the members involved in the mismanagement be prosecuted, among other things; and, (c) why the Ministry has not implemented the recommendations contained in the report of the inquiry on the matter. view
  • 9 Oct 2012 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Madam Temporary Deputy Chairlady. On “7b”, I can see the word “vessels” but not “vehicles.” view
  • 9 Oct 2012 in National Assembly: Mr. Ruteere, this is an amendment. We are only adding in this amendment. view
  • 3 Oct 2012 in National Assembly: asked the Minister for Forestry and Wildlife:- (a) whether he is aware that Mr. Nkumbuku Augostino (ID No 8883258) was attacked and killed by an elephant on 20th December, 2011, and that the matter was reported at the Meru Police Station; and, (b) what arrangements the Government has made to compensate the family and when the next-of-kin will be compensated. view
  • 3 Oct 2012 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I thank the Assistant Minister for the answer he has given; but from what I have, the answer was written on 4th September, 2012 and it is saying that the compensation will be paid in October. That is a month ago. Today he is saying that the process is on-going. How long will it take and which day of this month will the cheque be ready for the family to collect? view


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