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Rose Nyamunga Ogendo

A niece of the late Robert Ouko, she was interested in politics in 1992. She recalls how she realized where her fate was in 1990s, when she followed her family discussions on political developments in the country. She used to follow keenly political activists like Paul Muite and James Orengo since she had an interest in people’s rights and justice. She gained experience in developing a solid manifesto and campaign structure during the campaigns of her husband Eric Nyamunga, former Nyando MP. In her manifesto, she promised economic empowerment for the youth and women, adult education for women, mentorship for girls and sports opportunities in the county.

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Rose Nyamunga Ogendo has spoken 2202 times in Parliament.

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  • 2020: 99 speeches
  • 2019: 1079 speeches
  • 2018: 806 speeches
  • 2017: 17 speeches
  • 2016: 60 speeches
  • 2015: 37 speeches
  • 2014: 70 speeches
  • 2013: 34 speeches