Francis Nyamu Kagwima


1st January 1952


P.O. Box 55327, Nairobi, Kenya








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  • 3 May 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, one year is a long time. The Assistant Minister is talking about the list of 2004 and we are talking of interviews that were conducted in 2005. The Assistant Minister, unfortunately, was misled by the facts--- There were verbal advertisements and people applied for the jobs in 2005. Part (b) of my Question requires the Assistant Minister to avail lists of applicants and those employed in the year 2005. I am not bothered about 2004. view
  • 3 May 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have the answer. It is only that we are talking of two different things with the Assistant Minister. He is talking of the list of 2004 and I am talking of the applications of 2005. I am not interested in the list of the 2004 applicants, rather I am interested in the one of 2005 applicants. Could he, please, table that list? view
  • 3 May 2006 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. Could you, please, bridge the gap between the Assistant Minister and I in terms of time? In 2004, there were interviews. In 2005 there were applications that were received and some of the applicants did not make it. If the Ministry used the list of people who had applied in 2004, what was the need of calling people for interviews in 2005? view
  • 3 May 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I want to seek your indulgence so that the Assistant Minister can go back and then bring a correct answer. It is true that there was a verbal advertisement in 2005 and people went for interviews. The people who applied are not the same ones in the old list of 2004. view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, could the Assistant Minister provide the rates for hiring these equipment? Could he tell this House when he will avail that information to us so that when we can deal with the hiring of equipment, we know how to deal with the officers concerned? view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: asked the Minister for Planning and National Development:- (a) why the Ministry has kept one-third of the country's districts without District Development Officers (DDOs); and, (b) whether the Ministry could post a DDO and a Deputy DDO to each district with immediate effect to ensure smooth running of projects throughout the country. view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the answer I have states, in part, that the Ministry has been able to recruit 100 officers who have since been posted. It further states that the Ministry has been authorised to recruit another 85 officers. I thought the Assistant Minister would admit that they have been operating without these officers and, therefore, development in the country has suffered. Could he tell us how many of the officers he posted in January have reported to their April 19, 2006 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES 563 stations? view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I hope the Assistant Minister appreciates the fact that the DDOs are the secretaries to the District Development Committees (DDCs). In this country development depends on the work of the DDCs. The DDOs have assumed another role of being secretaries to the Constituencies Development Fund. In view of the gravity of this matter, could the Assistant Minister ensure that the people he has posted move quickly to their stations? In the same Ministry, we have view
  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: statistics officers who could also assist the DDOs. Could the Assistant Minister move quickly to ensure that the country continues to develop rather than continue having stalled projects all over? view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Bw. Naibu Spika, ningependa kumuuliza Waziri Msaidizi kama anaweza kuunda kamati maalum ya kuangalia shida za maskwota nchini. Tuna maskwota Rift Valley na sehemu nyingine za Mkoa wa Mashariki. Je anaweza kuharakisha kuundwa kwa kamati maalum ya kushugulikia maskwota ili kuhakikisha Wakenya wote wana makao ya kudumu? view