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  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: Thank you very much, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker for giving me a chance to make my contribution. There is a correction which I wanted to make. My friend, Hon. Sankok has made allegations which are not very accurate. I want to assure you that petrol is available. It is only that some businessmen are hoarding it somewhere. view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: I want to urge the Leader of the Majority Party that we need to do away with this date of 15th when petrol companies know that fuel is going to be increased. view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: I am addressing the Speaker, it is only that I am not facing you directly. You know I respect you very much and I wish you all the best. I have always acknowledged you that is why I talk when you are around. I just wanted to assure Hon. Sankok that fuel is available in Kenya. I was just urging the Leader of the Majority Party to ensure that 15th…. view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: Allow me to finish, Hon. Sankok, I have given you time. You know you are my friend. Just one minute. view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: Thank you very much, Hon. Sankok. I acknowledge what you are saying. I was saying that the country has enough fuel. I am a businessman and I know that. What is happening is that fuel companies are hiding fuel until maybe the date after tomorrow. I was urging the Leader of the Majority Party that this date of 15th of every month, when the country knows that something is going to happen to fuel, can be done away with. It can be any date. Why should we get stuck with one date? Hon. Sankok, you have said that there is ... view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: It is the allegations that I wanted to correct since he has said them in Parliament and I come from a county which provides water to Nairobi. It is good for me to assure Kenyans and Hon. Sankok. Looking at Hon. Sankok, he looks very smart because last night he had water and his wife was able to clean his clothes. Let me not continue. Let me come back to the Bill. view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: I really wanted to thank the Committee for coming up with this Bill. I have looked at it and the objectives are very good. The way the authority has been given direction is very good. Looking at the powers and what the authority is going to do – if you look at Clause 31 and particularly the management of disaster - I have seen that it is going to be organised because we will have national and county organs involved in disaster risk management. It has been a big problem because whenever a disaster occurs, it has been very hard ... view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: There are many disaster experts in this country. It is good that this time round they are going to be registered by the authority so that we are organised. When it comes to firefighting, it has also been a major issue especially when disasters occur. You never know who to call. We know that firefighting services at Nairobi City Council do not work very well. We have resulted to call for firefighting services from the airport or the military which is not a good thing. So, it will be good if they are organised so that Kenyans are able to ... view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: We have had a few disasters in this country. I remember the bombing of our great mall. We all saw what happened. The military came in. When such a disaster occurs, I do not think the military has that kind of expertise to move in. You cannot move into a mall when you do not have its drawings. Just by moving in you can create further disaster because you need to know where the services are. You need to know where the lifts are, where to get water and where the electrical connections are. All these things need to be ... view
  • 13 Apr 2022 in National Assembly: Hon. Sankok talked about food when there is a disaster especially like now when we have drought. I agree with Hon. Sankok. Food distribution when we have drought has been very badly managed. When the food leaves the National Cereals and Produce Board, it is taken to the DC. The DC does not have a way of taking that food to our people. We have seen that most Government officials are not able to account for that food. There is no follow up and the food ends up being The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information ... view


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