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Joseph Kasaine Ole Nkaissery


28th November 1949


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  • 19 Apr 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I was saying that if we are really to defend and safeguard the security of this country, then our infrastructure must be taken into consideration. The Government needs to avail some money for the rehabilitation of all the airstrips because we need mobility. Similarly, the roads leading to these hot spots must be repaired so that anytime we get into a situation like this, we are able to respond to these threats quite appropriately. Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, we have early warning system procedures but it seems the Government is not looking into this ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Thank you, Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, for giving me this opportunity to contribute to the debate on the Presidential Address. I would like to begin by raising an issue of law. Section 16(2) of the Constitution of Kenya provides that the formation of the Cabinet of the Government of Kenya shall be based on written law. The written law in this respect is the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act of 1998. view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Section 17(5) of this Act does not allow the President to appoint Ministers from Opposition parties without authority from those parties. So, this is an issue which the Chair must address. From today, we demand that the issue be addressed, so that we get clarity. Even the President mentioned in his Address to this House that he wants legislative leadership. It is, therefore, critical that the Chair addresses this issue. Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, in his Address, the President specified that the economy of this country has improved. Why then has he not given a strategic plan on how ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have never been to Mumias and if Mumias is not receiving anything, it is the responsibility of the leaders from Western Province to ensure that a certain percentage of the resources from their province is ploughed back into the province. Let me talk about the youth. A certain Minister has said that they are very happy that the Government has established a Ministry of Youth Affairs. The Government promised to create 500,000 jobs and, three years down the line, this has not been done. By the way, the Minister of State for Youth Affairs ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, one of the critical threats that are facing this country today is the Avian Flu. The Government has not come up with a strategy to protect the citizens of this country against the bird flu, which is called H5N1. No message has been given to our people March 29, 2006 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES 177 on how to protect themselves against this flu. This is a pandemic. Nothing has been mentioned about this threat in the Speech. What is the Government's position on this? Nobody cares about the security of this country. Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, this is absolutely shameful and very unfair to the people of Kenya. On the issue of the creation of districts, some of my colleagues here, who were in the Opposition and now have the privilege of sitting on the other side, should know that there is no legal authority to create those districts. I want to warn the Government that before they do that, they need to adjust district boundaries, particularly the boundary between Kajiado and Machakos, which was corruptly done in the 1970s so that the resources of Kajiado District could be taken to ... view
  • 29 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Temporary Deputy Speaker, Sir, I cannot respond to that. There is also the issue of the new Constitution. I do not support the Kiplagat Committee. It is a waste of taxpayers money and time and we should not allow, as a country, to be taken round in circles. Their recommendations will be brought to this House and we will still defeat the Banana side. Since we do not want to become a Banana Republic, we will not allow that team to present its recommendations. With those few remarks, I beg to support. 178 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES March 29, 2006 view
  • 28 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker, Sir. I feel that this is an issue that relates to national security. Mercenaries are in our country and yet the Government does not know who should answer this Question. I think that is very dangerous. view
  • 28 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I beg to ask the Minister for Tourism and Wildlife the following Question by Private Notice. (a) Is the Minister aware that wardens at Tsavo West National Park harassed Maasai herdsmen and sexually molested and even raped their women in January, 2006? (b) Is he further aware that the wardens used helicopters to scatter away the livestock from the park killing over 2,000 head of cattle? (c) What is the Minister doing to ensure that the victims are fully compensated for loss of their cattle and disciplinary action taken against the wardens? view
  • 28 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think the Minister is misleading the House. When that incident occurred in January, I personally called the Minister to tell him that Maasai herdsmen who had moved to Tsavo National Park were being harassed by game wardens. He personally told me that he was going to investigate. I also called the Director at the same time. I was on the ground myself. I saw them use a helicopter to scatter the weak animals. Over 2,000 animals died; about 1,000 got got lost; 37 children were beaten by the game wardens and 11 women were raped. Were ... view
  • 28 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: My question is: How can the Government, which is supposed to defend and support the citizens, actually cover up an issue which is glaring in the eyes of the citizens down at Tsavo? view
  • 28 Mar 2006 in National Assembly: Mr. Speaker, Sir, you have heard the Minister say that I was in the park. While I was in the park, I called the Minister and even the Director to take appropriate action. I was expecting him to tell me what action he has taken. The value of the animals that died, if calculated at Kshs10,000 per cow, would translate to Kshs30 million. That is very cheap to the Government. But I do not know the value of rape. Could the Minister find out the value of compensation to women who were raped? If they have been infected with HIV/AIDS, ... view


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