Joyce Wanjalah Lay

Her story is of hope, hard work and resilience. Her father died before she completed her education but that did not stop her from pursuing her education later on as an adult. Even before joining politics she was passionate in helping and empowering her community.

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  • 14 Sep 2017 in National Assembly: Hon. Deputy Speaker, I am Hon. Raphael Wanjala, the Member for Budalangi. I am in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), which is an affiliate party of the National Super Alliance (NASA). view
  • 14 Sep 2017 in National Assembly: I am in this House but I have heard the Hon. member for Kandara insinuating that we are not attending Parliament. I want her to withdraw and apologise. view
  • 14 Sep 2017 in National Assembly: But I was included in that blanket condemnation, yet I am here. I want to be excluded, Hon. Deputy Speaker. view
  • 26 Oct 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker, for this opportunity. I rise to oppose this Bill. The reason why we are talking about women being marginalised is because this Bill affects us at this particular time. This is because we have fewer women in this House. The Supreme Court Advisory asked Parliament to come up with a formula on how we are going to achieve the two- third gender rule. Talking about progressive does not give us a formula. If this is about shielding Parliament from dissolution, even with this Bill, it will be dissolved. We will go home because we have not ... view
  • 26 Oct 2016 in National Assembly: With those remarks, I oppose and oppose. view
  • 5 Oct 2016 in National Assembly: Ahsante Mhe. Naibu Spika wa Muda kwa kunipa fursa hii na vile vile kuunga mkono Hoja hii. Ni muhimu sana kuhakikisha watoto wetu wamepata misingi ya kidini na kielimu. Kuna mambo mengi ambayo watoto wanajifunza kutoka kwa mitandao na kwenye runinga. Wakikosa kuwa na misingi ya kidini, utapata wanapotea kimaisha. Ni kweli katika masomo tunayosoma, tuna masomo ya kidini kama Christian Religious Education (CRE) na Islamic Religious Education (IRE). Lakini ni vizuri ya kwamba watu ambao watakua wanaendesha masomo hayo, wawe ni watu ambao wako tayari katika misingi iliyosimama kwa kidini kama vile mashehe ama waliosomea theologia. Umuhimu wa kuwa ... view
  • 5 Oct 2016 in National Assembly: maana na ni vizuri tume ya kuajiri walimu - Teachers Service Commission (TSC) - wakati wanaajiri walimu, wasiangalie mtu aliyepata shahada ya chuo kikuu, lakini wazingatie wale ambao wamesomea theologia na wawape nafasi za mbele. Naunga mkono Hoja huu. Asante Mhe. Naibu Spika wa Muda. view
  • 9 Mar 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Chairman. I agree with the limit of time for storage. It also depends on the couple because storage has some expenses; it is not for free. The longer you store, the more money you pay. So, if it is put at 10 years, I do not think there is a problem with that. view
  • 9 Mar 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I want to second and say congratulations to Hon. Millie Odhiambo together with Hon. Nyikal for their combined efforts. It is a milestone for this country to have this Bill in place. view
  • 9 Mar 2016 in National Assembly: I second. view


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