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  • 30 Nov 2016 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Before I read this Petition--- view
  • 30 Nov 2016 in National Assembly: Hon. Speaker, this is a public Petition regarding alleged use of Morpus Group Ranch land by the National Police Service Commission (NPS) for training purposes. I, the undersigned, on behalf of the members of the Morpus Group Ranch in Laikipia County draw the attention of the House to the following: The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 30 Nov 2016 in National Assembly: THAT, in the late 1960, the NPS, then Kenya Police, established a training camp in Morpus area in Laikipia County. The Petitioners allege that no formal agreement was made prior to the establishment of the police training camp. The activities carried out by the trainees have resulted in a number of lives being lost and residents maimed causing permanent disabilities. THAT, use of explosives has negative effect to the residents including miscarriages, loss of livestock, loss of land, environment degradation and pollution. THAT, the local community has been displaced without following the principle of public participation or compensation. The National ... view
  • 15 Nov 2016 in National Assembly: On a point of order, Hon. Speaker. view
  • 15 Nov 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I stand to request the adjournment of the House on a matter of urgent national importance regarding--- view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I rise to support this agreement between the British Army and the Kenyan Army. The British Army occupied a big piece of land in Laikipia North. We had major issues with the British Army when they trained for more than 10 years and many men, women and animals lost their lives. We went to court and all the people were compensated. We also had cases of rape. We had many street families because many children were fathered by both the Kenyan Army and the British Army. It is important for the British Government to ... view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: The land they occupy, especially in Laikipia North, is more than 2,000 acres. The people who benefit are the white settlers. It is also important for the group ranches to be considered. The Department for International Development (DFID) has a lot of funding. The poverty levels are very high in the areas where this training takes place. Those areas are under-developed. I appeal to DFID to give priority to funding schools, water, boreholes and the road network in areas where the British Army trains. The British Army employs more than 3,000 people, especially in Nanyuki. They come from Samburu, Isiolo ... view
  • 1 Sep 2016 in National Assembly: In fact, if we do not pass this agreement, businesses will come to a standstill in Nanyuki Town. I support this Motion. I would like to ask the British Army to consider the remarks that have been made here. view
  • 10 Aug 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, for giving me an opportunity to contribute to this important Bill. Bribery and corruption have been the order of the day in this country. The people who are involved in those practices in the country are like heroes. Today, people who have money from corruption are moving freely while innocent Kenyans are in prisons. Bribery is just another hand of corruption. To give a very good example, my constituents are almost 80 per cent illiterate. When they are arrested by the police, they are given cash bails amounting to Kshs10,000 or 50,000 and are ... view
  • 22 Jun 2016 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I am a victim of cattle rustling and I come from that area. This is a serious issue. We have lost land, people and cattle. As a pastoralist, cattle is our livelihood. I want to say that people who are victims of cattle rustling should be given a chance to speak. It is very clear in the Constitution that the Government has to protect lives and property. In Laikipia North Constituency which I represent, there is a famous massacre of Kanampiu where we lost over 70 people. I also lost my brother and animals. ... view


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