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Paul Kimani Wamatangi

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  • 21 Mar 2023 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir. I beg to give Notice of the following Motion. view
  • 21 Mar 2023 in Senate: THAT AWARE THAT the high unemployment rate in Kenya has pushed many Kenyans to seek loans from Saccos, Microfinance Institutions and Banks to start Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to sustain their livelihoods; NOTING THAT the youth in particular have invested in movable assets, including vehicles and motorcycles, to start business in the transport industry and most of them have signed up to the ride hailing apps including but not limited to Uber, Taxify, Bolt and Little cab; COGNIZANT THAT the Banking Act 2015 CAP 488 does not provide for renegotiation on the loan repayment agreement whenever the business environment ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, happy new year to you and all my colleagues. I take the opportunity to wish my colleagues a very prosperous and happy 2022. Since it is going to be a short one, I believe that we will make the most it and get the best value out of it for the few months that we are going to be here. I happen to have come across a schedule that was done by the Chairperson of JLAC, somewhere in the sharing that we did. The question as to whether this House intends to give the full breadth and ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: manner that we conduct our business such that when that kind of law comes here people are able to understand what it is all about. A few days ago the Majority Leader in the National Assembly was on national TV and he was answering questions from one of the news anchors. He was asked: “From here what happens to the Bill”? I was amazed because he made a comment and said: “We have now finished with the Bill, but unfortunately it is going to the Senate”. I was aching to get an opportunity to understand from the Majority Leader in ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, certainly. I was saying Sen. M. Kajwang’ and I probably would have been the ones who would have been on record here because there was a time we were on the opposite sides of the political divide. As we ran for the elections in 2017, there was a time we thought that we would do a bit of wrestling here and take the Mace and members of the public from both sides of where we come from would vote us in, but that never came to be. We are looking at things in a different way and ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: settle dues for people and equipment that we deployed to do that work for 21 days running. These are some of the things that probably we should look at; how are our county governments working? If you find, for example, that human beings who are in a county like that get buried in a pit and because they do not have emergency measures, you deploy equipment privately so that you can save lives, but at the end of that it becomes a struggle that nobody can even listen to you when you saved lives--- I want to be on record ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: Sen. M. Kajwang, through the Speaker, I want to assure you that action will be taken by my Committee. view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I thank Sen. Orengo and inform him that I was not giving him instructions. I was bringing to your attention some of the things that you may want to take up so that the County Government of Siaya may serve the people of Siaya effectively. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I wind up by assuring Sen. M. Kajwang’ and hope that you intervene on his request because it is a matter of importance to the people of Homa Bay and that region, so that they are able to move. There will be quick action by my Committee to ensure ... view
  • 11 Jan 2022 in Senate: Sen. Orengo, we can have a discussion later, but in the meantime, let the County Government of Siaya also serve the people. I know you are a good man in intervening. Please, intervene so that the work can be done. Thank, Mr. Speaker, Sir. view
  • 2 Dec 2021 in Senate: Mr. Temporary Chairperson, Sir, I second. view


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