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  • 6 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Speaker. I rise to ask Question No.260/2020 to the Cabinet Secretary for Water, Sanitation and Irrigation: (i) Could the Cabinet secretary provide a progress report on the call for tenders for the design and construction of Kakamega– Bungoma Bulk Water Supply and Sanitation Project under Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency considering that a list of firms who had express interest on the project was published in March 2020? The electronic version of the Official Hansard Report is for information purposesonly. A certified version of this Report can be obtained from the Hansard Editor. view
  • 6 Oct 2020 in National Assembly: (ii) When will the construction of the said project commence, indicating stages and timelines of implementations to the various phases of construction? (iii) What measures will the Ministry put in place to ensure that the said project is constructed to the required standard and completed within stipulated time so as to expeditiously assist thousands of households in the Counties of Bungoma and Kakamega to access clean water? Thank you, Hon. Speaker. view
  • 10 Feb 2020 in National Assembly: On behalf of the people of Webuye West Constituency and on my own behalf, I send my condolences to the family of Mzee Moi and also to the political orphans that have been left by Mzee Moi. As a sportsman, I remember Moi for the two sports facilities he built in the country. If it were not for him, I believe that Kenya would be nowhere in sports. He nurtured sports and we will always remember him for that. May his soul rest in eternal peace. view
  • 8 May 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I just wanted to bring to your attention the fact that given the urgency of this Commission to be put in place… We have heard very many comments about the matter. As a senior member of the Committee, I was just appreciating the fact that… view
  • 8 May 2019 in National Assembly: I was just requesting that you call the Mover to reply so that it gives Members better time to incorporate the issues. I think it will be good enough. Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. view
  • 2 Apr 2019 in National Assembly: Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker, I had put my card earlier and contributed on the previous Order. So, on this one, I do not have anything to contribute. Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. view
  • 27 Mar 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker for giving me this opportunity. At the outset, I support the Motion with the knowledge that village elders are the foundation of the national Government. For a long time, the national Government has taken them for granted. The best way to motivate them to do their work is by giving them a stipend. view
  • 27 Mar 2019 in National Assembly: Nowadays chiefs are given imprests. I wish the Ministry could increase the imprests given to chiefs to cover an allowance for village elders so that they can also know that the Government appreciates them. All issues pertaining to information the Government would want to get is received from the village elders. Honestly, as other Members have put it, the 10th and 11th Parliaments discussed this matter. We are now debating it again. Let it bear some fruits. These leaders do a great job. For sure, they burn the midnight oil as they are on duty 24/7, yet they have never ... view
  • 27 Mar 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. view
  • 6 Mar 2019 in National Assembly: Thank you, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. The strike at JKIA is very embarrassing. Again, this is a wake-up call to the Executive that if His Excellency the President is not aware, he should know he is losing it. When you see strikes going on, it means Kenyans are oppressed and they have nowhere else to go to but to result to the strikes. I was so surprised when I came in and my friend Hon. John Mbadi was saying it is very unfortunate that those people had gone on strike. I do not know whether he has undergone some metamorphosis ... view